Our New Online Community is Almost Ready!

Will You Share Peace, Love, and

Healing with the World?

I’m delighted to share with you a new online program I’m in the midst of creating called “Love Weavers United”. It is meant to be a space for exploring:


  • what love means in our lives,

  • how we can love ourselves,

  • and how we can create more loving actions in the world.


It will also be a space to explore our fears, and help each other through the challenging times ahead.

The intention is to create an online Community where we make new friends (across the globe!)

Love Weavers Community
will include:

Conversation Circles: on various topics. Join in the conversations, ask questions, tell your stories, provide inspiration and gratitude for others. (Free)

Resource Circles: Space for sharing “resources” (books, videos, articles, memes, quotes, etc.) to help us choose the path of love over fear. You will be able to upload & download inspirational resources. (Free)

Love Weavers Sharing Circle: For those of us who want to come together in a sacred online community to share what is in our heart, our intentions, challenges, stories, and light with one another. ($10/month to support the platform)

 I'll let you know when the Community is a go. Please know that you are more than welcome. I truly believe the way out of this darkness is to come together and shine our lights brighter than ever.

Join now for a random newsletter filled with resources for sharing love, peace and healing in the world.

All information is kept private and will never be sold. You can cancel your subscription at any time. 

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