Voyage of Your Soul

Co-creating a world of caring, peace, love, & light


Our voyages vary, but the one thing we have in common is our humanity.

If you're an individual ready to explore how you can create a more loving, peaceful world for yourself and those you love I invite you to join us.


Check Out My podcast (30 minutes) with Unity Minister Tony Cryer describing "Just Be Love" 

It Was So Much Fun!


I hope you'll join us in our journey to Be More Loving to ourselves, to our friends and family and for our world!


"Just Be Love"

An Online Program (Zoom)

Starting January 8, 2022 and running for

6 consecutive weeks

Saturdays, noon - 1:30 Eastern

Registration opens November 15, 2021


Join me for a 6 Week Online Relationship Building Program dedicated to Creating more Love in Yourself and in the World

This is a private sacred community where we explore the energetic nature of love through experiential practices, journaling, fun, and heartfelt conversation. 

The program will offer private online forums to explore a specific topic each week. 
Topics include: Love as Energy, Heart Science, Self Love, Ho'oponopono,  The I Am Discourses, Soulwork, Overcoming Fear and much more.


Come play with us! 

Your Soul's Voyage

We are all on a unique journey filled with twists and turns, goblins and gremlins, beauty and light. Our Soul is the compass which can guide us through the scary places. It is the light within us that is connected with our divine nature, the flame that lives within our heart.

We can feel its presence when shivers run up and down our spine, when we are moved by that stirring piece of music, when we delight at our pet’s antics, when we feel love flow through our being, or when we have a strange sense of knowing “Hmm, this place is familiar. Have I been here before?”

But so many times, our soul becomes walled away, perhaps from pain or fear. Yet it is still there, waiting for us to uncover the beauty it has to offer the world. When we open to the depths of our being, and listen carefully to our heart’s desires, we will hear the whisperings of our soul. When we choose to allow our soul to guide us, we begin to live the life we were born to live.

This is the secret. This is why we are here. The purpose of life is to express the energy of our soul. For it is uniquely and beautifully you, different from all the rest.


The world needs your energy. It needs your light. It needs your love.


Join the millions who are stepping into freedom and making a difference.

Inner Peace Coaching
Heal your Life from the Inside out

I believe that anything is possible for you. You may just need a guide to light your way. I’m here.

What is your story? Are you ready to release it to discover a more light-hearted, joyful being inside? Engage in deep relaxation, meditations, mindfulness training and one-on-one guidance.

You will explore new attitudes, perceptions and practices to shift energetic blocks and beliefs, change old habits and release emotional baggage.
Get to know your inner archetypes. Engage your imagination to heal your life and reduce fear. Enliven your inner Peaceful Warrior... and so much more. 

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