Co-creating a world of caring, peace, love & light
Our voyages vary, but the one thing we have in common is our humanity.
We all have the ability to make a difference and I encourage you to be courageous and share your light with the world. I'm here to help you do just that. 
Here are my offerings to you...
Love Weavers United
Private Online Sharing Circle
Join Us!
CommUnify offers you an online space to share your work in the world and network with like-minded communities
I believe that anything is possible for you. You may just need a guide along the way. I'm here. 
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Join me for a Weekly Online
Gathering of People Ready to Share More Love in the World
This is a private sacred community where we explore the nature of love, how to create more of it in our lives, and share it with the world.
Our circles will be open forums to explore a specific topic each week.
Topics to include: Self Love, Relationships, Random Acts of Kindness, Forgiveness, Resistance and how to overcome Fear.
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CommUnify is a Network of Communities whose Mission
is to Co-create a Thriving World
If you would like to create an online community on a super easy platform let me know! We are looking for presenters in the personal growth world who want to share their work and network with others. We will also help you with technical onboarding, content creation and community engagement.
Join our community of co-creators across the world! 
Heal your Life from the Inside out
with Inner Peace Coaching
Engage in deep relaxation, meditations, mindfulness training and one-on-one guidance. You will explore new attitudes, perceptions and practices to shift energetic blocks and beliefs, change old habits and release emotional baggage.
Get to know your inner archetypes. Engage your imagination to heal your life and reduce fear. Enliven your inner Peaceful Warrior... and so much more...