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Peaceful Living isn't a Destination ~ it's a Journey

and that journey begins with a choice - a choice to change

Say Yes to Your New Life Today


When life seems overwhelming it's helpful to have someone to guide and support you through the turbulent waters of life.


You'll learn various daily practices which involve: 

  • shifting the way you perceive life, 

  • embodying new attitudes, and 

  • developing mindful ways of being that allow you to flow with life.

When you are ready to step onto your peaceful path ~ I'd love to help. Coaching can be in person in Sandwich, MA or in an online video chat through Zoom. 

Sacred Soul Circles
for Women

If you are seeking a spiritual community of women here we are. Sacred Soul Circles are offered for women looking to share our innermost thoughts, understandings, fears and breatkthroughs.  In each group we'll explore & practice strategies for facilitating more peaceful lives. 

Each circle will begin with a few minutes of entering the stillness, followed by a talking circle where we will each have the opportunity to check in.


Each week we'll explore a theme from my eBook called The 5A's Soul Powers for Transformation. The 5A's are: Awareness, Attention, Attitude, Acceptance & Action. 

Peaceful Voyager

Online Class 

Coming Soon!

A Path of Peace: Walking the Path of a Peaceful Voyager is an E-Book I've written consisting of 12 chapters. I'll be teaching an online class in these subjects coming soon: 

1) A Conscious Journey

2) Life Happens

3) Reclaiming the Power of Choice

4) Cultivate Spiritual Awareness

5) Voyage to Your Soul

6) Attending to Awareness

7) Savor the Present

8) Energizing Attitude

9) Emissary of Love

10) Stepping into Courage

11) Know Thyself as God

12) An Invitation

The ebook is available to purchase here.