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It is possible to live life more peacefully. All it takes is shifting some perceptions, attitudes and practices but you can do it! We can work together one-on-one, or in small circles. And I'm excited to share that I've got an online course coming up in early 2020!


I invite you to a complimentary conversation. I promise to meet you wherever you are on your path and we'll go from there. Contact me today to get yourself on the conscious path to peace.

Have you ever thought about biting into a juicy lemon and noticed that you started salivating? That's the power of your thoughts to change your physical body.


Guided Imagery is a scientifically proven way to empower you from within. Change beliefs, heal your body, reduce fear and anxiety, improve performance on all levels of your being. Reprogram negativity and shift your life all through simply listening to recordings designed specifically for you. It's easy and fun.

Enjoy a relaxing session of empowerment or go deeper into issues that need clearing like addictions and phobias. Learn stress and pain management along with self hypnosis techniques.

Through deep relaxation you will be able to explore energetic blocks, shift beliefs, change old habits and release emotional baggage. Past Life Regression available as well. The possibilities are endless.