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Your Guide for 

the Journey

Life is filled with limitless possibilities. What we choose to do with this journey we've been given is up to us. I believe the reason we are here is to share the unique essence that is our soul. Once we discover our innermost nature we can share our gifts with the world. 
My purpose is to help you discover those gifts by clearing away the blocks that are keeping you from living your best life and supporting you along your path.
Please know that whatever is going on for you right now
  • You CAN make a change.
  • You have more powers within yourself than you know.
  • You CAN find Peace amidst the storm.


If you are looking to

  • clear away old emotional baggage 

  • learn tools to respond to stressful circumstances with ease

  • discover and empower a new super-soul version of yourself

  • live a life you love


Then you have come to the right place.


Welcome to the next step on your unique journey!

Janet Dwinells, MA, CCH


Inner Peace Coach

Clinical Hypnotherapist

It is my pleasure to meet you wherever you are on your journey, and do whatever inner work is necessary to uncover and empower the real you. 

My background includes a Masters degree in transpersonal psychology and a Bachelor of Science in health education.


I am a graduate intern of the Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction Program at the University of Massachusetts Medical Center, a certified clinical hypnotherapist, a graduate of the Center for Transformational Presence and have studied at Coach University.


Zen meditation is my practice, but I teach many types of mindfulness and meditation practices. Let's find one that works for you. 

What Clients Say:

“Janet’s kind and deeply compassionate methods of personal transformation have shown me the way to my own true path in life and I am forever grateful for having met and worked with Janet.” ~ B.F., Norfolk

“Thank you for helping me to become the kind of person I can be proud of and others can respect.”  ~ L.L., Hyannis

“Janet, you’ve helped me more in 4 weeks than 2 years of regular therapy. Thank you so much!”  ~ M.J.S., Falmouth

“The one session I had with you has been pivotal in opening me up to the resources I need to continue my healing journey toward wholeness.”  ~ R.D., Providence

“Janet, your warmth, interest, support, compassion, and wisdom are everything I was looking for in a counselor. It is the aura of total acceptance, compassion, and unconditional love that you bring to your work which allowed healing of a long-term trauma in my life to take place at a deep level, enabling me to move on to the next phase of my process.” ~ M.N., Gloucester

“Thanks for sharing your very special talents in the session yesterday. Needless to say I found it an extremely powerful tool for growth.” ~ B.B., Plymouth

“I went home last night and felt about 20 lbs. lighter. The fog I’d been feeling was completely gone and I feel a strong increase in clarity. Thank you!” ~ S.P., Pocasset