Will You Join Us as a Love Weaver?
The world needs you now more than ever! 
Now is the Time to Love
I find my power in this very moment.
Yesterday is past and tomorrow is not yet here.
There is only this moment, ripe with promise and potential,
ready for me to live into it fully. 
Through my many divine gifts, everything I need to get started is within me.
I need not wait for the perfect moment to arrive because
there is no time more perfect than now
and no place more perfect than here. 
Today I claim the power of the present and say "This is the day I begin!"
Now is the time to begin, to serve, to forgive, to create and to love.
~ Author Unknown

Are you tired of being alone? Would you enjoy making new friends across the world?!

I’m delighted to share with you a new online program called “Love Weavers United”. It is a space for exploring:


  • what love means in our lives,

  • how we can more fully love ourselves,

  • how we can create more loving actions in the world.


It will also be a space to explore our fears, and help each other through the challenging times ahead.

The Open Love Weavers Community includes:

Open Conversations: on various topics. Join in the dialogue, ask questions, share your heart and your positive stories, provide inspiration and gratitude for others. 

Resources: Space for sharing “resources” (books, videos, articles, memes, quotes, etc.) to help us choose the path of love over fear. You will be able to upload & download inspirational resources. 


Love Weavers Private Community
...is for those of us who want to come together in a private sacred online community to share what is in our heart, our intentions, challenges, stories, and light with one another. We will explore the nature of love, learn to speak from our heart, make new friends and support one another through these challenging times. Discover more information about our community here.

Love Weavers Online Circle dates:  April 20, 27, May 4, 11, 18, June 1 

from 12-1:00 Eastern Time on Zoom  

You can join our community here and I will send you a Zoom Link

 Please know that you are more than welcome. I truly believe the way out of this darkness is to come together and shine our lights brighter than ever.

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All information is kept private and will never be sold. You can cancel your subscription at any time. 

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